Water Damage Can be a Hidden Danger

By | June 13, 2018

After a big storm, some areas might experience widespread flooding and various types of property destruction. These events are generally known by most living in the area where the weather damage has occurred. Many home or business owners are not aware that there are many types of water damage that can be hidden from the owner until the situation becomes an expensive fix. Some things that can cause significant water damage to a home or business include:

  • Broken or cracked water or sewage pipes
  • Worn out water heater
  • Leaking faucets or running toilet
  • Slow leaks behind shower wall, under toilets and bathtubs
  • Broken roofs or attic structures
  • Improper barrier in crawlspace or basement near foundation
  • Cracked, misaligned or otherwise defective windows and/or doors
  • Outside property issues like poor drainage
  • Clogged rain gutters, spouts or sewer/water drain-off system components

It is very important to remedy a water problem that is or may affect property in the fastest way possible. Water damage that isn’t addressed, or if the underlying cause is not fixed, can continue on causing even more extensive damage to the surrounding property. This can get quite expensive for the property owner in just a small amount of time. It is better if the property owner makes an effort to consult with property restoration professionals following any sort of water damage on their properties. Always select a business that also offers fast emergency water damage restoration services, as most water damage events tend to occur during inconvenient times like when the family is asleep, when employees are gone and on weekends when most businesses are closed.

Water that is left to pool will often continue to warp boards, soak carpets and peel paint until it is cleaned up properly. Often, property owners clean up the area where they see the water. They might not realize that more water is inside the walls or under the floorboards where it will stay hidden for long periods of time in many cases. This can set up ideal conditions for mold growth, and that moisture from the water can initiate an even bigger property damaging situation by allowing mold growth. Mold can be more difficult to remove. Many restoration companies offer free inspections.