Places Where Gas Can Leak on Riverside Properties

By | March 7, 2019

When gas leaks, the fumes can be detected because they emit a strong odor. However, the intensity of the aroma will vary depending on the state of a gas line problem. For example, if a lot of gas seeps out of a gas line, everyone will smell the fumes immediately since the vapors will quickly circulate into various spaces. A slow gas leak happens gradually, so you won’t detect a scent until you’re very close to the source of the leak. In order to want safe, you must inspect the most common areas where gas leaks could occur on a regular basis.Behind a Stove

The bubble test can help you determine whether or not a pipe is leaking gas behind your stove. For this test, you’ll need a bubble testing solution. You could make your own formula by mixing soap and water, or you can buy a commercial solution that’s specifically designed for gas leak testing jobs. The commercially prepared formula is the best option because it produces very precise results. To conduct a test, pour or spray the soap formula on various pipes, valves, and fittings. If the formula generates bubbles, gas is leaking behind the stove.Underneath a Home

In order to conduct tests underneath your home, you’ll need proper equipment. The most important items include

  • A flashlight: On most residential properties, some gas lines run underground or underneath a home’s foundation. A flashlight can illuminate the surroundings during inspections in these locations
  • A gas mask: When gas leaks happen in a confined basement, intense fumes will linger in the environment. By wearing a gas mask, you won’t inhale the contaminated air.

Typically, whenever plants are wilting around gas lines outdoors, there is a leak in the area. After you’ve discovered the source of a leak, seek professional maintenance and repair services.

By inspecting common zones where gas leaks can occur, you’ll have a strong line of defense. Whenever you encounter a severe leak, a gas line repair Riverside CA technician can resolve the problem.