How to Incorporate Functionality into Your Kitchen

By | May 9, 2017

A kitchen can be beautiful to the eye, but if it doesn’t function properly, it will do nothing but add frustration to all those that try to use it. A well designed kitchen should have a layout that allows a continuous work flow, plenty of seating, and lots of storage. Whether you are in the middle of a remodel or simply wanting to make your kitchen work better, the following tips will help you incorporate functionality into the room.

Work Flow

Although the kitchen is used for a variety of reasons, its main purpose is to be a work room. Appliances need to be arranged in a manner that allows you to work seamlessly. The refrigerator should be placed away from the oven so they don’t inhibit each other’s purpose. You also want to know your electric supply is dependable. Electric panels should be upgraded to suit the appliances, and a generator is a welcome back up during power outages. You can find professional electricians and generator service in Jacksonville FL such as those at Mister Sparky.


The kitchen is where guests tend to gather when you are preparing a meal. You want to have plenty of available seating. Islands are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Friends and family can sit on one side while you work on the other. If a kitchen island is not practical for your kitchen’s size or shape, try to fit in a small table and chairs. Be creative. Even a bench along one wall will give people a place to sit.


There never seems to be enough storage in a kitchen. Along with existing cupboards and drawers, you can add a hutch or cabinet. Use racks and bins inside of all of these storage pieces to better utilize each space. A hanging rack above the island can hold several pots and pans while keeping them within easy reach, and a rolling cart not only hides more stuff, but it provides another counter top surface to work on.
These simple changes will allow you to enjoy cooking and baking in your kitchen. The placement of the appliances, additional storage, and seating for all will make your experiences in this room more enjoyable for everyone.