Eliminate Rodent Infestations In Your Home

By | May 30, 2017

If you notice a tuft of fur along the baseboard in a kitchen, then you might have an infestation of rodents inside your home. Mice and rats can carry infectious diseases that can make your sick, and the vermin leave filthy waste on surfaces. To get rid of rodents, you must contact a high-quality pest control company in Maryland as quickly as possible.

Have an Emergency Home Inspection

A professional exterminator will arrange an inspection appointment as soon as possible to determine how many rodents are inside your home. During an inspection, an exterminator will look for tiny holes where rodents can enter your home. Rather than using poison to destroy rodents, it is better for the exterminator to place humane traps in safe locations inside or outside of your home.

Request Humane Rodent Control

By capturing live rodents, you won’t need to worry about having a decaying corpse inside your home’s walls. Not only does this form of extermination avoid having foul odors, but also, it prevents additional infestations from insects that attempt to consume the body. While the exterminator is at your property, she can provide additional assistance with pest control.

Exterminators Look For Entrances

If you have a home that has holes in the foundation, then it is easy for rodents to enter to find water, food and breeding locations. By plugging these entrances with caulking, you can keep vermin from entering your home. In addition, an exterminator will look for signs of infestations through the roof of your home. In some cases, rats will scurry up downspouts or trees to reach a home’s rooftop to enter an attic.

Rats Can Live In an Attic

Rats can hide in your attic, creating a filthy mess with urine and fecal matter that leaves a pheromone trail that attracts more rodents. Most rodents seek food late at night, and you might have rats entering your home’s kitchen looking for food. As food becomes scarcer, the rat population will become braver, and the rodents will seek food during the daytime.

Prevent New Rodent Infestations

If you have a home that is cluttered, then the rats can hide in boxes or under piles of clothing, and you risk contracting an illness from the rodents. After an exterminator eliminates the rodents in your home, keep it clean to avoid a new infestation.