Duct Cleaning: The Best Way to Keep Your Home Dust Free

By | September 12, 2018

Do you know that duct cleaning can make your home dust free? Every day we are learning new forms to describe our houses as dusty. The dust piling up under furniture, HVAC ducts that appear as if they are developing a fur coat, the dust on the chairs and tables-it can all be pretty gruelling to tolerate.

So, in this situation, what action do you take? How can you avert these recurring struggles and have a dust-free house? Get a new approach to handling the problem. If you need help or you are looking to find a new way of handling dust, duct cleaning could be an excellent way to start solving dust problems. Here are perfect solutions to tackle dust in your home.

  1. Re-Evaluate the Way You Dust

When it comes to duct cleaning, the biggest issue we encounter in most cleaning plans is the right way to handle dust. The most shocking of them is: dry dusting, pollen and dust, and all the other elements accumulating in your home air are already dry. The implication of all this is that doing dry dusting spreads the stuff around, letting it move freely in your home air system, and then settles yet again some minutes later.

Therefore, it is high time you consider wet dusting. If you don’t like commercial cleaners and other dusting options or you are concerned about VOCs, that is understandable. However, there are numerous safe choices out there that you can use with natural household items. Consider cider vinegar and water. These two does magic.

  1. Create A No -Shoes Zone

Our homes are more vulnerable to pollutants than the outdoor air. Once the dust gets into our houses, it accumulates in the ducts, on the floors, and worst on the clothes. One of the biggest mistakes we do is letting this dust into our homes with our shoes. We always go anywhere with them, and when we get back home, they drag all the dust and other mess they have accumulated. To avoid this, institute a shoes-off-door rule, and we can assure you will see less dust in your house.

  1. Mop Your Floors Regularly

Apart from your glass components, floors are some of the typical areas for dust to accumulate. To get rid of this dust start mopping and vacuuming your floor regularly. We recommend tending the flow twice a week, and if you don’t want to do it all solo, you can formulate a family chore plan.

  1. Schedule Duct Cleaning

Do you know where all the dust that comes into your room goes? Well, up there in the ducts. The closed circlet of your HVAC system attracts and cycles the air in your house regularly. Therefore, it circulates the pollen, dust and the mould alongside air. The final destination of all that mess is in the duct system. This generates significant chunks of pollutants, and when they are grown, they fall back into your air and all the way back to the floor and on the furniture.

The solution for that a professional duct cleaning. Even one professional duct cleaning can get rid of all the dust and dander from your house’s circulated air.