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    Water Damage Can be a Hidden Danger

    After a big storm, some areas might experience widespread flooding and various types of property destruction. These events are generally known by most living in the area where the weather damage has occurred. Many home or business owners are not aware that there are many types of water damage that can be hidden from the owner until the situation becomes an expensive fix. Some things that can cause significant water damage to a home or business include:

    • Broken or cracked water or sewage pipes
    • Worn out water heater
    • Leaking faucets or running toilet
    • Slow leaks behind shower wall, under toilets and bathtubs
    • Broken roofs or attic structures
    • Improper barrier in crawlspace or basement near foundation
    • Cracked, misaligned or otherwise defective windows and/or doors
    • Outside property issues like poor drainage
    • Clogged rain gutters, spouts or sewer/water drain-off system components

    It is very important to remedy a water problem that is or may affect property in the fastest way possible. Water damage that isn’t addressed, or if the underlying cause is not fixed, can continue on causing even more extensive damage to the surrounding property. This can get quite expensive for the property owner in just a small amount of time. It is better if the property owner makes an effort to consult with property restoration professionals following any sort of water damage on their properties. Always select a business that also offers fast emergency water damage restoration services, as most water damage events tend to occur during inconvenient times like when the family is asleep, when employees are gone and on weekends when most businesses are closed.

    Water that is left to pool will often continue to warp boards, soak carpets and peel paint until it is cleaned up properly. Often, property owners clean up the area where they see the water. They might not realize that more water is inside the walls or under the floorboards where it will stay hidden for long periods of time in many cases. This can set up ideal conditions for mold growth, and that moisture from the water can initiate an even bigger property damaging situation by allowing mold growth. Mold can be more difficult to remove. Many restoration companies offer free inspections.

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    Eliminate Rodent Infestations In Your Home

    If you notice a tuft of fur along the baseboard in a kitchen, then you might have an infestation of rodents inside your home. Mice and rats can carry infectious diseases that can make your sick, and the vermin leave filthy waste on surfaces. To get rid of rodents, you must contact a high-quality pest control company in Maryland as quickly as possible.

    Have an Emergency Home Inspection

    A professional exterminator will arrange an inspection appointment as soon as possible to determine how many rodents are inside your home. During an inspection, an exterminator will look for tiny holes where rodents can enter your home. Rather than using poison to destroy rodents, it is better for the exterminator to place humane traps in safe locations inside or outside of your home.

    Request Humane Rodent Control

    By capturing live rodents, you won’t need to worry about having a decaying corpse inside your home’s walls. Not only does this form of extermination avoid having foul odors, but also, it prevents additional infestations from insects that attempt to consume the body. While the exterminator is at your property, she can provide additional assistance with pest control.

    Exterminators Look For Entrances

    If you have a home that has holes in the foundation, then it is easy for rodents to enter to find water, food and breeding locations. By plugging these entrances with caulking, you can keep vermin from entering your home. In addition, an exterminator will look for signs of infestations through the roof of your home. In some cases, rats will scurry up downspouts or trees to reach a home’s rooftop to enter an attic.

    Rats Can Live In an Attic

    Rats can hide in your attic, creating a filthy mess with urine and fecal matter that leaves a pheromone trail that attracts more rodents. Most rodents seek food late at night, and you might have rats entering your home’s kitchen looking for food. As food becomes scarcer, the rat population will become braver, and the rodents will seek food during the daytime.

    Prevent New Rodent Infestations

    If you have a home that is cluttered, then the rats can hide in boxes or under piles of clothing, and you risk contracting an illness from the rodents. After an exterminator eliminates the rodents in your home, keep it clean to avoid a new infestation.

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    How to Incorporate Functionality into Your Kitchen

    A kitchen can be beautiful to the eye, but if it doesn’t function properly, it will do nothing but add frustration to all those that try to use it. A well designed kitchen should have a layout that allows a continuous work flow, plenty of seating, and lots of storage. Whether you are in the middle of a remodel or simply wanting to make your kitchen work better, the following tips will help you incorporate functionality into the room.

    Work Flow

    Although the kitchen is used for a variety of reasons, its main purpose is to be a work room. Appliances need to be arranged in a manner that allows you to work seamlessly. The refrigerator should be placed away from the oven so they don’t inhibit each other’s purpose. You also want to know your electric supply is dependable. Electric panels should be upgraded to suit the appliances, and a generator is a welcome back up during power outages. You can find professional electricians and generator service in Jacksonville FL such as those at Mister Sparky.


    The kitchen is where guests tend to gather when you are preparing a meal. You want to have plenty of available seating. Islands are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Friends and family can sit on one side while you work on the other. If a kitchen island is not practical for your kitchen’s size or shape, try to fit in a small table and chairs. Be creative. Even a bench along one wall will give people a place to sit.


    There never seems to be enough storage in a kitchen. Along with existing cupboards and drawers, you can add a hutch or cabinet. Use racks and bins inside of all of these storage pieces to better utilize each space. A hanging rack above the island can hold several pots and pans while keeping them within easy reach, and a rolling cart not only hides more stuff, but it provides another counter top surface to work on.
    These simple changes will allow you to enjoy cooking and baking in your kitchen. The placement of the appliances, additional storage, and seating for all will make your experiences in this room more enjoyable for everyone.

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    Coloring The Classroom

    The classroom is a place where students should want to learn. Many classrooms have the basics, such as desks, bookcases and chairs. You can take your classroom a step farther by offering the vibrant colors and designs that students will want to see so that they are encouraged to have fun while learning when you find contractors who will paint, install new flooring and update the overall design of the room.

    One of the things that you can do to help students keep up with their books and notebooks is to attach cloth aprons onto the back of each seat. The compartments can be used for small books, pencils and other items that tend to get on the floor or lost in the classroom. Personalize each apron with the name of the student and something that the student likes.

    Prevent the floor from getting scratches and the noise that is associated with the scraping of the chairs by attaching tennis balls to the feet. A contractor can work in the room to change the flooring to make it comfortable and more inviting for the students so that they can sit on the floor while reading or while they are in groups. Colorful carpeting is ideal for younger children who desire to see brighter colors in the classroom. Add more seating with colorful cushions that are placed on plastic crates. You need to stabilize the cushions so that they don’t fall when students sit on them, but these will add a brightness and a fun aspect to the room instead of students sitting at a desk all the time. Several crates can be put together with a long cushion on top to make a longer bench for storage.

    A wine rack can be used in a corner to store writing utensils, such as pencils, markers and pens. Paint old tin cans to store utensils as well. Cardboard that is painted in bright colors and fun letters can feature chores that need to be done in the room, papers that need to be claimed and other centers that students need to see in the classroom.

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    Better Sleep Just Got More Affordable. Ommage Sleep Co. Launches, offering Affordable, Direct-to-Consumer, Natural Mattresses with Superior Craftsmanship


    Individuals seeking a good night’s rest free of the harmful toxins emitted from the traditional mattress are getting their wish with Ommage Sleep, a new, direct-to-consumer mattress company offering superior, all natural mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows without the retail mark up.

    “Ommage Sleep is the source for individuals seeking a high quality, healthy sleep experience,” states Ommage Founder and President Tomas Eisenberg. “We began the journey of creating a company that focuses on natural bedding products because consumers are demanding healthier products but have a very difficult time finding them at traditional sleep retailers. We spend a third of our lives sleeping amid a cloud of harmful toxins emitted by the typical petrochemical foam mattress or topper and polyester fabric covers which, over time, can negatively impact one’s health. Ommage Sleep offers a healthy alternative—and we provide it direct-to-consumers to save them money.”

    In keeping with its mission to offer a healthy sleep environment, Ommage Sleep products are made with Oeko-Tex certified 100% natural latex and breathable, botanical fabrics. Ommage has partnered with leading latex suppliers to use sustainable, all-natural raw materials. In addition, all Ommage Sleep products use certified Tencel®, a revolutionary botanical fiber that is cultivated by nature itself. The use of Tencel in bedding products harnesses its innate breathability for deep, therapeutic sleep and general wellbeing. Tencel is proven to enhance restorative sleep, far beyond the performance of cotton or polyester.

    Superior Products, Superior Service
    In addition to the finest construction, Ommage Sleep offers its customers the highest level of service, including:

    •     A 100 night trial
    •     A 100% full refund policy
    •     Free Shipping

    About OmmageSleep
    Dedicated to helping people live a healthier lifestyle through better sleep, Ommage Sleep designs, manufactures and sells all natural, toxic-free mattresses and bedding products. Ommage Sleep products are constructed with the finest materials—including Tencel, a revolutionary all natural botanical fiber that is cultivated by nature itself, and Oeko-Tex® certified Natural latex. Committed to making healthy sleep affordable, Ommage Sleep distributes its products direct to consumers to save customers money! Ommage Sleep also offers the ultimate in service—including a 100-night trial, a 100% full refund policy and free shipping. A Maryland, USA based online retailer, Ommage Sleep distributes nationwide via its website and affiliated partners. To learn more about Ommage Sleep or to purchase products, please visit http://www.Ommagesleep.com.